5 Best Vintage Video Games

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Gamers these days love to get the newest games with the best graphics available. The next-gen consoles on the market right now are able to produce stunning graphics that leave onlookers amazed at the realness of what they are watching.

But most gamers these days began their gaming careers with something a little simpler. The Nintendo and the other early consoles provided a much more basic gaming platform which nevertheless became the gateway into the gaming world for people of all ages.

Some of the best games out there have been around for decades now, and are actually what helped establish an entire new world of electronics and entertainment – the video game.

Before the video game was affordable and able to be placed in homes, there were gaming arcades on corners throughout the country. Enthusiasts could frequent these spots and within them partake in some of the most famous arcade games around – such as Galaga or Pacman. That enabled many people to begin getting interested in a field of entertainment that they would otherwise be incapable of enjoying.

Best Vintage Video Games

That brings us to the first generation of video game consoles. These were the introduction of consoles to the home. The Atari, Nintendo, and eventually the N64 and original Playstation all qualify as some of the first video game consoles out there. Their best and most successful games helped shape the video game industry, and still play a part in the way it is today.

Super Mario Bros.

There are so many ways that the Super Mario brothers have impacted the video game 8industry that it would be a crime not to include their solo title in this list. Their long list of title-s and spin-offs have been a big part of what made the Super Nintendo, N64, and GameCube so successful. Even the Wii has benefited greatly from the success of these titles.

Super Smash Bros.

While not quite as old as Super Mario Bros., this title was a huge success on multiple consoles. The ability of gamers to have their favorite characters from their favorite Nintendo games squaring off, each with their unique abilities and talents made Super Mash Bros. a huge success on the Nintendo 64. Link, Kirby, and Pikachu teamed up with Mario and Luigi to make these titles successful even on the more recent Wii console.

Crash Bandicoot

As far as the PlayStation goes, one of the most popular and successful games out there was the Crash Bandicoot series. This unique take on the platform genre made “Crash” famous among those who preferred the PlayStation to its competitors.

Sonic the Hedgehog

This famous hedgehog was one of the most successful titles on the Sega consoles, and was even a staple to find in arcades. Racing with this mega-fast hedgehog and his fox-friend Tails was one of the favorite past times of those who loved Sega’s titles and games.

Duck Hunt

One of the iconic Nintendo releases was titled Duck Hunt. Maybe the best part of this title was the included gun that acted as the controller. The player simply pointed the gun at the screen and fired, and it was a huge hit among people of all ages.


The fantasy/adventure genre was changed forever because of Link and his quest to save the princess of this game franchise, whose name was Zelda. Those unfamiliar with the series probably confused Link as Zelda, since he was the main character. But Zelda was a huge success and is still captivating audiences on the Wii.

The earliest games shaped what the video game industry has become, on more than one genre. These games helped shape the electronics industry and make it what it is today. There are many more that aren’t included in this list, but it’s easy to see how impactful each of these game series have been in changing the industry forever.

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